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Ideas for your holiday in Tenerife

In a place as beautiful as Tenerife, we know that a million different things can be done so that sometimes it can cause some conflict, since it has a huge amount of museums, beaches and above all restaurants that would wait anxiously for you visit them

But remember that this beautiful island is a big place for what you will need to spend in taxis or bus so you can reach the different points, but if you allow me I will make an excellent recommendation that will be much cheaper than spending in taxis.

Las Rosas Rent A Car, is an excellent rent a car where you can get the car of your choice, and above all they offer different benefits for being your choice, so if you want excellent service and arrive on time to all your points tourist, remember Las Rosas Rent A Car is an excellent option for your route through these places.

Parque Nacional del Teide

The Teide National Park is a World Heritage Site and houses the Teide, a volcano and the highest peak in Spain at 3718 meters above sea level. You can walk or take a cable car to the base of the final summit of the cone, where you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Tenerife, Gran Canaria and La Palma. If you wish to go to the top of the summit, you must obtain a permit in advance.

The Teide Observatory is located in the Teide at an altitude of 2400 m above sea level. It is the largest solar observatory in the world and has an ideal location to observe the sun or the night sky. There are guided visits to the observatory available

Siam Park.

Siam Park is a Thai-themed water park in Costa Adeje, in Tenerife, which covers a large area with the largest collection of Thai buildings outside of Thailand and a large selection of water slides and water attractions, both familiar and full of adrenaline. It is considered one of the best in Europe, and it certainly appears on our list of the best things to do in Costa Adeje.

Next to the water slides is the Lost City, a playground for children with dozens of different games, a Thai floating market, Siam Beach, a wave pool that offers surf lessons and Thai restaurants.Go to the beaches.

Go to the beaches.

Tenerife has more than 400 km of coastline that lends itself to a wide variety of beaches, 17 of which have been awarded the blue flag.

Playa de las Teresitas in Santa Cruz is a protected artificial beach made with sand imported from the Sahara desert, popular with locals and tourists. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, there are a number of beaches away from the main tourist center, including Playa del Bollullo , Playa de El Puertito

Whale and dolphin watching.

A whale watching tour on the southwest coast of Tenerife is one of the best ways to observe whales and dolphins in their natural surroundings.

Bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales, pilot whales and Risso dolphins are residents in the waters around the Canary Islands with other species such as the killer whale, minke whale and striped dolphin that occasionally migrate to the waters. You can also see turtles, sharks, ospreys and kestrels.

Loro Parque

The Loro Parque Zoo is located in Puerto de la Cruz and is one of the most visited attractions in the Canary Islands. Initially dedicated to parrots, the park has now expanded and houses a wide range of animals, birds and plants that include whales, sea lions, tigers, chimpanzees and alligators.

Other attractions in Loro Parque include an aquarium, a jungle area, playground and a Thai town.

If you plan to go to Loro Parque and Siam Park, you can buy a joint ticket for both attractions.

Museum of science and the cosmos

Museums in Tenerife can often be overlooked, but the Museum of Science and Cosmos (MCC) in La Laguna is one of the most important in Spain and is worth a visit. The museum enters the world of science and astronomy by combining exhibitions of traditional museums with interactive exhibits, demonstrations, astronomy nights, a planetarium and fun activities for all ages.

Each of these options are excellent for a fantastic day, so do not hesitate to visit them with all the comfort possible in a safe means of transport that only Las Rosas Rent a Car can offer you.

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Provide you with tickets for the different attractions

We can provide you with tickets for the different attractions and parks on the island
Avoid unnecessary queues by buying the ticket before going to the park
If you are one of those who can not miss anything, save money by buying the Twin Ticket a bonus that includes the two largest parks in Tenerife, Loro Parque and Siam Park.

Every visitor traveling to Tenerife must visit one of the best theme parks in the world and considered the best zoo in Europe according to TripAdvisor. With the entrance to the Loro Parque you can contemplate from orca shows (Orca Ocean), define (Dolphinarium) or sea lions, enter the north pole and contemplate penguins (Planet Penguin) or enter Katandra Treetops one of the most open flight aviaries Awesome in the world. It is considered in «must» of the Canary Islands. If you do not have transportation you can always hire the Loro Parque + Bus excursion where we will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the park. After spending an unforgettable day in the park we will take you back to your hotel.

Another of the biggest attractions of the island is the one that is considered the best water park in the world according to TripAdvisor. The Siam Park is a water park inspired by Thai architecture where you will put your adrenaline to the top with attractions such as the “Tower of Power” a 28-meter slide where you will reach up to 80 km / h, “The Dragon” a funnel-shaped slide totally vertical or relax in one of the most exclusive beaches of the Island «Siam Beach» a white natural sand beach in the largest wave pool in the world. The best water attractions gathered in just one park.

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Some of the most popular models for Rent in Tenerife

Fiat Panda Lounge
This is a manual gearbox that has 4 doors in addition to having air conditioning and space for two suitcases, which you will be able to find in 4 seats but you must have a minimum age of 21 years and an experience of 1 year to If you request it, you will be able to book this car for 4 days for the price of 93,60 euros, that is, a cost of 23,40 euros per day with taxes included, with unlimited kilometers.

Opel Adam
This vehicle is a manual transmission has 3 doors, with space for 2 bags and air conditioning, it will be available in 4 seats but to request this vehicle you will need to be at least 21 years of age and 2 years of experience, it will have a price of 108,00 euros for 4 days which means that it will be a cost of 27.00 euros per day with taxes included, but if you want to pay the total for the website you will save 3%

Kia Rio Sipirit
This car has manual transmission, rear view camera, air conditioning, GPS navigator and has space for 3 suitcases, so that you will be facilitated to obtain it since it is in 5 seats, to get it you will need to have a minimum age of 21 years and Having 2 years of experience, the cost of the vehicle is 136,00 euros for 4 days, which is 34.00 euros per day, you will have unlimited kilometers and in case you pay from the page you will save 3 %.

Renault Clio GT15
If you are looking for more luggage space this car will be of your pleasure since it has space for 4 suitcases in addition to that you can get it in 5 seats, but the best thing about this car is that it has air conditioning, with GPS navigator and is of Manual transmission, although of course you must be at least 23 years old and 2 years of experience to get it, the cost of this car is 148.00 euros for 4 days, 32.00 euros for each day.

Renault Captur 90
This car is a manual gearbox with GPS navigation, air conditioning and space for 3 bags, this car can be found in 5 seats at a price of 152.00 euros for 4 days, that is, you will be paying 38.00 euros for each day , so that you can use this car you will need to have at least 25 years and 2 years of experience, if you want to pay from their website you will have a 3% savings on the previous amount.

Skoda O W. Polo DGS Autom
This vehicle is an automatic transmission that has air conditioning, 5 doors and a space for 3 suitcases, so it is quite convenient to use and you can find it in 5 seats, you must be at least 21 years old and 2 years of experience At least to obtain this vehicle, it has a cost of 172.00 euros for 4 days that is 43.00 euros per day but if you want to get it cheaper you can pay it from the website.

Seat Ibiza DGS Autom
This car is automatic change has Android car, with air conditioning, 5 doors and space for 3 bags, you must be at least 21 years old with 2 years of experience to access this car, to obtain this car you must If you pay 184.00 euros for 4 days, that is, 46.00 euros per day, but if you can pay it from the page you will save 3% of the cost, that is, you will pay only 178.48 euros for the 4 days.


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Some of the best Beachs At Tenerife

The four beaches you must visit in Tenerife
In Tenerife there are a lot of beaches where you can spend the days enjoying the sun, the sea and especially the delicious breeze and although it seems strange among the great options from which we can choose, there will always be one in particular that over Go out for its unique beauty.

Therefore, if this will be your first time in Tenerife I recommend you go to the following beaches that you can not miss due to its unique beauty.

We know that Tenerife is an island so it is sometimes a bit complicated to transport in that place, so we recommend renting a car so you can visit all these beautiful beaches and do not miss any.

The best place to make this rent is in Las Rosas Rent A Car that offers a large selection of cars in which you can select your favorite, in addition to giving you different gifts for deciding them so it makes it one of the best options to know this beautiful place.

Benijo Beach

This is undoubtedly for me the best beach in Tenerife! Benijo Beach, in the north of Tenerife, is my favorite beach on the island for several reasons. It is quite isolated and mostly visited only by locals. With its imposing rocks and spectacular cliffs, you can hardly find a beach that is more picturesque than Benijo Beach.

It is nature at its best and sunsets are some of the best you can have in Tenerife. Without a doubt, it should occupy a prominent place in the list of the best beaches in Tenerife.

However, you should be careful if you are ready to swim. The waves and the tides can be very strong! When visiting Benijo Beach, it’s more about playing in the waves, not swimming.

Another aspect that makes Benijo beach a highlight of your visit to Tenerife is the numerous fish restaurants located near the beach. Some of them offer stunning views over the ocean and the rocky coast. All while enjoying the freshest seafood.

Abama beach
Abama Beach is a small sandy beach located in the south of Tenerife, between the municipalities of Playa San Juan and Mar Azul. The beach is quiet, since a breakwater has been built so you can enjoy calm waters and swim a lot.

You can spend hours relaxing in the golden sand of Abama Beach. Protected by the cliffs, Abama Beach is a popular place to enjoy the best sunsets over the neighboring island of La Gomera.

The beach restaurant is managed by the Ritz-Carlton Abama Hotel, one of the most famous hotels on the island. That’s why the beach bar in Abama serves such delicious food!

You can reach the beach by leaving your car that you got at Las Rosas Rent A Car in the hotel car park and walking for 10 minutes.

El Bollullo

El Bolullo is another quite isolated beach that will particularly attract nature lovers. It is located near Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava and has black and volcanic sand (which can get very hot during the summer). The dramatic cliffs create a sublime landscape.

El Bolullo is the perfect escape and if you are looking for a quiet beach to relax. However, as with many beaches in the north of Tenerife, you must be careful when swimming. Waves and tides can be quite strong.

You can reach the beach in a 45-minute walk through banana plantations or by leaving your car at the El Bolullo restaurant. There are sun loungers for rent. When looking for lonely beaches in Tenerife, El Bolullo is definitely a necessity.

Masca beach.
Masca beach is probably the most secluded beach in Tenerife … and probably one of the most difficult to reach too! It can only be reached by boat from the port of Los Gigantes or by walking through the Masca Gorge. But that only increases its value.

However, keep in mind that the Masca hike that ends at Masca beach appears in all Tenerife guides! In addition, it is considered one of the best things to do when traveling to Tenerife. Therefore, depending on the season, Masca may be crowded. There are no facilities on the beach, just a guy who sells drinks from his portable freezer.

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A guide for renting a car online in Tenerife

As the first movement you must access the page; follow the following website once you have accessed the website, you will notice that the format is very simple, so you only have to lower your cursor until you come across the following title “Price and Availability Check”

2. Now the next step is to decide where you want the car to be taken, you can select the airport, hotel and enter other options. The place where you will make the return and it is important the time in which you will use it, and your age.

3. Once this movement is done, it will show you different cars that are available and their characteristics, the cars that have a discount on their use. You only have to select the one that is most pleasing to you, so that you can then select the online or office payment method. In this case it will clearly be online.

4. Selected the car and the payment method, you will be guided to a new page where you can choose in case you need extra materials, such as seats for children or babies. You just have to indicate how many of them you want and if you don’t need them you should skip that step; so you must lower your cursor to where the invoice of the type of car you have selected will mark you, if you have added an additional product, if this service has a discount. Select «confirm reservation»

5. Finally, you will be presented with a format with different fields that you must fill out. Do not worry that this movement is carried out so that the service that is being offered to you is more optimal, since in the event that there is a delay or setback they can contact you in the fastest way to solve these problems. Once it has been filled in you must select “end reservation”

6. As a last step, you must indicate your credit card information in order to complete the transaction.

Car rental online, safe and convenient
As you noticed, these are simple steps and they will take you very little time, the truth is that with more anticipation you make the reservation you may have more discounts applied which is a complete wonder.

Best of all, you enjoy many benefits since there are no hidden data, they are clear and concise with the services we provide. In addition to having an insurance franchise, which will make you calmly on the car of your choice.

But above all, the best of all is that you do not necessarily have to make the payment in advance, you can do it at the moment when you purchased the car, which is a wonder in case you have any setback and you can not get said day. You must only notify and make the reservation.

In addition to the fact that the service provided is almost immediate in the event that you completely fill in the information that is required, since as I have mentioned, we are committed to the service and tranquility that we can provide you … so that your trip is The quietest, you enjoy the different advantages we offer unlike other rentals.

We assure you that we are one of the best options so that through us you know Tenerife, you will be delighted.

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Rent a car to visit, Tenerife

Holidays are just around the corner, so the vast majority of us are anxious to travel, meet, go out and see the world completely.

It is true that one of the tourist objectives that are mostly visited are the beaches and in this case it will not be the exception.

Spain is a beautiful place, which shines through the beautiful places it has in its surroundings but without a doubt the one that stands out for its beauty is the Canary Islands, whether for its beautiful sand, the calm and perfect sea … I assure you that It is a place where vacations are completely unforgettable.

For the same reason, if you are thinking of going out and knowing a beach, Tenerife is your choice.

The north and south of Tenerife
It is important to mention that this beautiful island has two important airports that are located in the north and south. Mainly the northern area is characterized by the strength of the green, since it is tropical, leafy landscapes, but above all the beautiful beaches that are found, which are characterized by their black color.

On the other hand, in the southern zone the climate is a bit more stifling, hot and especially dry. Therefore it is recommended that for those people who are looking for beaches and climates to be able to swim openly in the waves, the southern area is yours.

Essential places to visit in Tenerife

El Teide
We can start with the Alto del Teide, it is a must-see place for tourists on the island, since in this place you will be able to find one of the most indispensable views, so it is recommended to start with the Teide.

It is an extraordinary volcano, from the top you can observe the whole island. It is a visit that gets a little tired on the climb but it is worth it and it does not take more than a half day to get to know and tour. Enough excursion is enough.
Now, let’s go to the second point.

Los Gigantes and the beautiful natural pools.
It is an extension that starts from Teide until it runs into Los Gigantes … located on the east coast, it is about an hour’s walk. Believe me when I tell you that the view you can admire is worth it, since it is a landscape completely formed by cliffs that reach up to 600 meters of horizontality.

Therefore, it is one of the most attractive places, mainly for those who love hiking, on these routes they can visit the Teno rural park, cross different ravines such as Masca and, above all, they cannot forget the Teno Alto.

It is located in the center of the island, so you can not miss it, besides it is the third highest active volcano in the world Tempting, do not you think? It has the highest peak in all of Spain thanks to a height of 3718 meters, the best of all is that it has a cable car that helps to see it in a much more majestic sense.

Natural pools of Garachico
Once you have finished knowing this beautiful place it is easy to skirt the north coast, which is very beautiful, it allows you to quickly reach the beautiful natural pools of Garachico, which are located in a most beautiful town that you should not hesitate to To know, more than anything, their swimming pools are an attraction for their peculiarities.

Due to the lava that flooded the town in 1706, it has managed to leave a series of completely natural pools that were endowed with great beauty, but above all, what has drawn great attention is that they have steps, a few walkways, in addition to some Dive points that are wonderful thanks to its crystal clear waters.

We know that everything we explain to you is very interesting and the question now would be: How will I get from my hotel to these beautiful places? It is true that sometimes paying a taxi is a bit expensive, so it is a good idea to opt for car rentals and I recommend one that shines for its service and benefits that it gives to its customers and is about Las Rosas Rent car Rental.

Believe me when I tell you that it is a place that has a wide variety of cars at your disposal and many amenities. Best of all, they can go to your hotel or airport when you arrive, so it’s a good option.

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Welcome Polish tourists to Tenerife

The Canary Islands, especially Tenerife, represent one of the favorite tourist destinations for Polish tourists. In fact it is known that the Canary Islands received 1.2% of the total Polish tourists who traveled abroad, representing around 150,000 tourists. There are many reasons why Poles prefer to visit Tenerife, including the comfort of the island, in addition to the wide range of restaurants and also because here they find all the necessary conditions to rest and relax.

Polish tourists arrive in Tenerife with the intention not only to escape from the daily routine, but also to know the volcanoes, as well as the different volcanic landscapes that exist in the area. Of course, most of them love being in touch with nature and knowing that there are countless areas with these characteristics on the island, it is easy to understand why they continue to visit Tenerife year after year.

And it is that for tourists who come from Poland, Tenerife has become an indispensable place to go on vacation or even to spend a weekend. It is an island where there are a lot of activities to do, not to mention that there are countless places of interest of great beauty and history.

Another reason why Polish tourists visit Tenerife has to do with its benevolent climate most of the year, something that contrasts significantly with the climate prevailing in Poland. In fact, the climate in Poland is considered humid continental, in addition to the winters in this country tend to be very cold with temperatures of -5 ° C, while in summer the average temperature reaches 19 ° C.

On the contrary, in Tenerife the weather is much more pleasant, even during the winter, at which time the sun even maintains its splendor, although it is true that there are also areas where there is a lot of humidity, especially in the north of the island. Polish tourists have a lot of activities available to choose from, so they should not worry more than organizing their itinerary so that their stay is enough time to be able to make and visit the main sites of interest in Tenerife.

For example, the beaches are undoubtedly a great attraction for Polish tourists who come from a cold climate where you cannot enjoy these wonders of nature. Some of the most recommended beaches for Poles in Tenerife include:

Playa de El Médano
Playa de Socorro
Playa de Fañabe
Playa La Arena
Playa La Jaquita – Alcalá – Guía de Isora
Playa Las Vistas
Playa Los Cristianos
In Tenerife there are also swimming pools and puddles that are very popular places among foreign tourism, including Poles. In this sense, the most prominent include Bajamar, Charco of Crab Island, Charco of the Spider, Charco of the Laja, Charco of the Wind, Charco Don Gabino, in addition to the English Charco, the Charco Los Chochos and the Charco de Joaquín.


Many Polish tourists also enjoy getting to know picturesque places that reflect the true essence of the island of Tenerife, as is the case with villages and hamlets. Among the most notable we can mention Aripe and Chirche, Caserio de Masca, Icod el Alto, Icor, La Cisnera and Teguedite, Igueste de Candelaria and La Hoya.

As mentioned at the beginning, Polish tourists in Tenerife have a predilection for natural sites and volcanic landscapes. An unmissable place for them is undoubtedly the Teide National Park, which is located right in the central part of the island and where it is possible to enjoy breathtaking views, as well as enough vegetation and even enjoy the cable car that reaches a station which is 3,555 meters high.

There are also other natural areas for Polish tourists who can enjoy such as the Cliff of La Hondura, Cliffs of Isorana, Cliffs of La Culata, Barranco de Erques, Barranco de Fasnia and Güímar, Barranco de Ruiz, Barranco del Infierno or the Caldera del Rey.

Polish tourists can also enjoy other places of interest in Tenerife that include parks and gardens, establishments, historical places, viewpoints, as well as a good amount of museums and countless outdoor activities to do with family or with the couple.

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Insiders Choose Favorite Rental Cars

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What you should check before renting a car


There are several things to consider when renting a car in Tenerife and indeed anywhere else in the world.

These are basic aspects that people often overlook, but it is worth mentioning so that at the end of the holiday or the visit to the island is better than expected.

Experience in the car rental service

These are two fundamental factors that you should consider when you think about renting a car in Tenerife. That is, it will always be more advisable to opt for a car rental company such as Rent a Car Las Rosas, which has many decades of experience in the segment and stands out not only for its affordable rental rates, but also for its wide range of cars and its exceptional customer service.

Reception and return of the car
There are also two very important aspects when renting a car in Tenerife. In the case of Rent a Car Las Rosas for example, this company can deliver your rental car upon arrival at Tenerife airport or at the hotel where you are staying. You can also choose the place where you want to return the vehicle, always considering the most comfortable for you and yours. The company will of course tell you the places where you can return the rental car.

It should be mentioned that the schedules in which the cars are delivered are usually the same as the office hours. Usually the most common schedule is from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. from Monday to Saturday.

Rental schedule and date

This is another aspect to consider when you think about renting a car in Tenerife, so it is convenient to find out about the times at which you can rent the car. Mention that in the case of Rent a Car Las Rosas, customers are not requested any deposit, except that the reservation is made during the high season, mainly to guarantee the return of the car in terms of time and date.

The Driver of the  rental 
Many people mistakenly think that when they rent a car, any member of their family or friends can drive the vehicle. However, it is very important to keep in mind that in most cases, only the persons listed in the rental contract as authorized conduits, may in fact drive the rental car. Rent a Car Las Rosas for example, usually does not apply any additional driver fees, so it is always convenient to add more than one person to drive the car.

The rent payment
It is also another factor that should be considered when you want to rent a car in Tenerife. Sometimes people want to pay their car rental in cash, but the rental company does not accept it. In the case of Rent a Car Las Rosas, people can pay the car rental in effect and they are only required to present a credit card or pre-payment as a form of guarantee in reservations after hours or when it comes to the high season.

Receive a quote by phone or email
This is another thing that you should also find out when you want to rent a car in Tenerife. At Rent a Car Las Rosas you can request and receive a car rental quote either by phone or by email. You can also get a quote through the official website where you simply have to select the place, the date, as well as the time of collection and delivery of the car. Then you get all the information regarding the different cars available, with their prices, as well as their characteristics.

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